Too many craft breweries to keep up with, you say? Hold my beer.

A beginning.

When I arrived in Jersey from Oz, I thought I already knew a thing or three about beer. Well, let me just say, the past few years have been an education. Australia has a healthy beer culture stretching way back to our colonial and convict beginnings. And we certainly know how to go big in the drinking stakes but when it comes to brewing (and craft brewing in particular) America could teach us a few things, yes indeed.

I came here for love. A jersey girl captured my heart and set me on a journey of self-discovery and wild adventures. I stayed for… well, also love but the beer too. I have discovered flavors, textures, and aromas both sweet and sour. I’ve grown fat on the liquid largess of this astonishing country. I have, in fact, found my spiritual home.

So this blog is my thank you to the proud land that accepted me with open arms and delivered me the girl of my dreams. So far it has been quite a ride and now I’m inviting you along for the next part of the journey.

My aim, over the next several years, is to visit every craft brewery in New Jersey (and several that lay just the other side of the Delaware River in Eastern PA). This may perhaps be a fool’s errand at the rate they keep popping up, maybe so. They say that painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge is such a mammoth task that, by the time they finish, it’s time to start at the beginning again. Maybe the task I’m setting myself will be like that but if so, I reckon I’m up for the challenge.

I’ll review the beers I sample on each visit to a new brewer and I’ll also be covering commercially available NJ craft brews from the stores and throwing in a little bit of history for good measure. I’m a photographer by inclination so, there will be plenty of visual temptations to keep you from getting bored.

I hope you’ll be tempted enough to keep coming back.

“24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not.” ~ H.L. Mencken